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Which telephone numbers will the words yield? Try one or two words.

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Enter one or two words into the box above. 9toX finds syllables in them and combines these in order to make numbers that correspond to the syllables. That is, it makes mnemonic phone numbers from your words. Maybe one such number has not yet been issued in your area?

Check one of the radio buttons to indicate how many digits you want.

How generating unforgettable phone numbers works

A phone number with letters in place of digits is sometimes called a vanity number. The technical process that is driving 9toX is known as phone spelling. Spelling phone numbers makes them easier to remember. (This works for other kinds of numbers, too, such as a PIN.) You'll never forget a number again, once you have a good word for it. So start from the words you like, have 9toX find corresponding numbers, and then apply for these to be given to you.

Good candidate words for vanity numbers include the name of your shop, business, or product, or a person's name, your own name, your pet's name or just any word that you would like to appear in your phone number. The resulting “vanity number” will be easy to remember, is quickly said, and catchy.

As an example, consider input words dress and clothing and assume 6-digit numbers. From this input, 9toX makes the following numbers, among others:

CLOTH• 25684•
DRESS• 37377•
THING• 84464•
•THIN• •8446•

The first line means that the word CLOTH• stands for phone numbers

256840, 256841, 256842, … 256848, 256849.

The key labelled 2 also has C on it and so on. The „•“ is a wild card. Pick any of the ten digits in its place. For example, you might be able to reserve 256845 as your phone number. Then you can announce your phone number to be CLOTH5, which is easier and quicker to communicate than 256845. You dial the number by pressing the letter keys that correspond to the digits, respectively, that is C (=2), L (=5), O (=6), T (=8), H (=4), 5 (=5). See the drawing of a keypad on this page for an illustration. Maybe your telecommunications operator has this number (256845) on offer.

Considering the •THIN• line, 9toX delivers even more possibilities:

084460, 084461, 084462, … 084468, 084469,
184460, 184461, 184462, … 184468, 184469,

984460, 984461, 984462, … 984468, 984469,

„•“-digits may be moved to either end. If you pick 3 for both of the wild cards, this gives THIN33, oder 3THIN3 oder 33THIN. This flexibility further increases the chances of finding a number that suits you, perhaps because it is hard to forget.

Here is one to try out: choose car repair for input words.

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