What is „wXyz ➫ 9“?

wXyz ➫ 9“ (Xto9) is 9toX in reverse. The service lists telephone (or any other) numbers that correspond to words that you provide as input.

Here is how it works: The program first splits input words into syllables. It then combines all syllables to form new words. Each letter in a new word corresponds to a digit on a telephone keypad. That's the digit you need to press in order to get that letter. Using this correspondence, telephone numbers will have been produced from words, and are listed.

This is what the the reverse of „9 ➫ wXyz“ does. You enter words, and then „wXyz ➫ 9“ finds the telephone numbers that stand for combinations of parts of these words. Of course, the numbers might mean anything, they need not be interpreted solely as telephone numbers.

So for example, if you want catchy words to appear in your phone number, i.e. a vanity number, try a few words and see if your carrier or local telco has one of the resulting numbers on offer.

Some Hints

☞ word length ☜

The longer the input words, the more results you get.

The program auto-adjusts to language preferences set in your browser software options. If you want the program to construct telephone numbers from German words, make de the preferred language. Or click one of the flags, alternatively.

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